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ExxonMobil Plenti Rewards Program – Gas Discounts and Promotions

TheExxonMobil Plenti Card helps people get rewards while getting gas at participating Exxon or Mobil branded service stations. Because it’s a single rewards card, you’ll be able to earn Plenti points at one location and use them at another.

Signup is easy. To enroll, go to plenti.com/signup and fill in the information form. Use the program’s mobile app, which can be downloaded on Google Play or the App Store. Enrollment requires no credit check.

How ExxonMobil Plenti Card Works

When you make purchases at Exxon or Mobil gas stations, you’ll earn Plenti points. The best thing about this card is its includes hundreds of other retailers, including AT&T, Macy’s, Nationwide, and Rite Aid. Anyone with an AT&T cellphone plan can build up rewards simply by filling their car with gas a couple of times a week.

The program comes with special weekly offers, so it rewards people who are active. Keeping track of the latest promotions is easy with the mobile phone apps. Once again, you’ll be able to use your gas card to get discounts at a participating retailers, so you won’t be confined to spending your cashback and promo codes inside convenience stores. A person can build up 1,000 points and get a $10 discount at Macy’s, for instance. Or you can get $10 off your next Nationwide insurance payment.

How Do I Earn Points?

The rewards card is the handiest method for most car owners, but it isn’t the only way to build up cashback and activate coupon codes. By my count, there are four separate ways to earn points in the program. Below is a quick rundown of those accumulation methods.

  • Rewards Card
  • Plenti Key Tag
  • Mobile App
  • Linked Phone Number

The key tag is a method of inputting with your 16-digit card number. This can be found on the back of your card, under the bar code on the back of your card. You’ll see the phrase “card no.” followed by 16 numbers in bold type. These are the numbers you’ll need to type in.

Shoppers who go to the program’s official website and link their phone number to their card and simply input their home phone number or cellphone number (whichever you link) into the network. That eliminates the need to remember an additional sixteen-digit number.

Using Your Gas Card

ExxonMobil Plenti Points

This is What You Should See at the Exxon or Mobil Station’s Gas Pump.

Before you pay at the pump, slide your card into the gas pump’s credit card swiper. You can input your information via the other methods described above.

For instance, you would key-in your linked phone number similar to the way you would put in your debit or credit card information.

If you prefer to pay at the cash register, take the card inside with your and hand it to the cashier. They’ll swipe the card and you’ll earn points. Again, use your preferred method of payment, which is adaptable to your needs.

Soon, those with an Apple iPhone or Android smartphone can have the attendant swipe a code printed on your screen. On the program’s official website, this option is in the “Coming Soon” category. This is still a developing technology and I’m still leery of identity thieves getting your information during that process, but I’ll admit I can be a Luddite in certain instances. Each person has their own comfort level.

How Quickly Do Points Accumulate?

Points accumulate in the following ways. Note that you’ll build up points quicker when purchasing non-fuel items. This might annoy some people, but remember that Exxon and Mobil have to compete against credit card rewards programs. Your gas transactions are less likely to reward you with cash back, so your fuel purchases are really a bonus for your loyalty. Here are the rate you’ll build your point total.

  • 1 Point for Every Gallon of Fuel Purchased
  • 2 Points for Every $1 Spent on Non-Fuel Purchases

Again, to use these, you can use a credit card, debit card, ExxonMobil card, Speedpass, or cash. When paying with cold hard cash, remember to input your code or swipe your card before handing over your dollars.

Besides paying at the service station, you can build rewards by shopping at ExxonMobil’s partners. Here are a number of partners, but it is by no means the full list. After showing the top partners, I’ll discuss all the other retail outlets who joined in this cashback network.

AT&T Smartphone Service

To get 5,000 points ($50), you can sign up for a smartphone service (check eligibility) when you link your myAT&T account to your Plenti account.

Rite Aid Pharmacy Rewards

RiteAid has rotating product offers, so it’s a little harder to describe what you’ll receive at this popular pharmacy chain. I’ll provide examples, instead. Shoppers who buy oral care products receive 800 points. Buyers who purchase 2 bottles of vitamins receive 400 points.

In many ways, these are the best promotional offers on the program. You’ll have to stay up-to-date on them, because they change all the time. If you have pharmeceutical needs or buy things at the local drug store, do not drop the ball on the Rite Aid discounts.

Macy’s Points

Make a single $100 purchase at Macy’s and earn 200 points. This also applies to purchases made at macys.com.

ExxonMobil Promotions

This is the most basic and most commonly used option. On your first purchase of 10 gallons of fuel or more at participating Exxon or Mobil service stations, you’ll receive 200 points.

Plenti Partners

The partners in the program change from time-to-time, but here is a list of the Plenti partners at the moment. Besides the ones mentioned, you can also acquire points by spending at Enterprise Rent-a-Car, National Car Rental, Alamo Rent a Car, Direct Energy, or Hulu. Yes, you can build your cashback rewards every time you pay your monthly Hulu bill, or buy entertainment through the Hulu movies and TV video streaming service.

Consumers need to realize that corporate partnerships dovetail with one another. That’s my way of saying there’s a savings synergy you get when making purchases through corporate partners. If you buy ExxonMobil gas, use AT&T smartphones, and get your streaming videos via Hulu, these interlock to provide bigger savings. It’s a promotional web to ensnare customers, but if you like all the services and goods, it’s smart to show loyalty to the entire network.

Customer Service

Of course, not every experience is going to be perfect. Even the best companies are going to have glitches and snafus. If you have a question or a dispute, call 1-855-PLENTI1. If you had figuring out the letter code, the number is 1-855-753-6841.

Dispute Resolution and Mandatory Arbitration

Try to resolve issues through the customer service people. Keep in mind that all disputes are subject to mandatory arbitration. To read more, go to the site or read in the brochure under “Dispute Resolution”. This is standard with credit cards these days and it’s not good news for the consumer. In short, binding arbitration is an agreed-upon process when you sign up for the card. While the arbitrators are independent, those who judge against the companies too often don’t get new assignments, so about 93% of disputes are won by the credit card companies. Don’t expect too much help from binding arbitration.

Gas Discounts, Rewards, and Promotions

This is just one of many gas discount cards on the market. Each has its own set of rewards and promotions. For instance, the ExxonMobil Smartcard allows you to earn 6 cents from every gallon you pump. I recommend the ExxonMobil Plenti card for readers of this blog, because it provides savings without a detailed background check or credit check. When saving and paying down your debt, every cent counts.

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