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Vision Premier Prepaid Debit Card

The Vision Premier Prepaid debit card service is the perfect debit card service for people who are having difficulty securing a line of credit. There are many reasons why it may be difficult to obtain a credit card — poor credit history, or just a lack of credit history being the most common reasons. With the Vision Premier Prepaid debit card, you don’t need a bank account or any credit history to start using a debit card today, with many of the benefits of a traditional bank based debit card.

Benefit of Visa Membership

The Vision Premier Prepaid debit card is a Visa card, meaning you have all the benefits of Visa membership — acceptance at retail stores and banks nationwide, use at any ATM machine, access to Paypal and wire transfer services, a free direct deposit service, and the ability to add cash to your account at hundreds of thousands of locations. With the Vision Premier prepaid Visa card, you don’t have to cash your paychecks (for a fee), and carry tons of cash in your wallet, which is dangerous and difficult to keep track of.

Visionar Premier Prepaid Card Visa

Vision Premier Prepaid Debit Card is a Visa Product.

Simply sign up for the free direct deposit service, and have your paycheck show up on your Vision Premier prepaid debit card instantly — often before you would normally get your check from your employer. As an added bonus, you can easily keep track of the balance on your Vision Premier prepaid Visa card for free online, 24 hours a day at your convenience.

This is fairly unique, as many prepaid and secured cards will charge what seems like a minimal fee to view your balance — but these fees add up fast.

Vision Premier Secured Credit Card Benefits

The Visa card from Vision Premier is basically a secured credit card, except that it works like a debit card — rather than make monthly payments on a credit balance, your spending limit is tied directly to how much money you’ve added to the Vision Premier prepaid Visa card. This means no more worrying about paying your credit card balance, or submitting to a credit check before being “approved”. In fact, the Vision Premier secured credit card promises there will be no credit check, and your information and your money are secure — and you have no fraud liability with the Vision Premier prepaid Visa card. If anyone steals your card or your information, you will not be held accountable for any fraudulent charges that appear on your account.

Free Activation

Vision Premier offers free activation of your card by means of a mail-in rebate. This is not as convenient as other secured lines of credit which offer absolutely free activation, but if you simply mail in your rebate, your activation fee will be refunded, so you’ll end up owing nothing. As long as you activate your free direct deposit, or simply make 15 transactions per month, there are no weekly or monthly fees attached to the use of the Vision Premier prepaid debit card. A unique benefit of this program is the free email and text message account alerts — you can sign up to have your balance emailed to you or texted to your phone every day for absolutely no charge. This will help you keep track of your balance, without even the minor hassle of checking your balance online. VISA seems committed to their customers in this program, providing many services that you would expect from a “standard” bank issued credit card for no extra fee. Wire transfers, Paypal transfers, and signature transactions are all free of charge.

Pay Your Bills or Send Checks

With your Vision Premier prepaid debit card, you can pay any of your bills or send checks to anyone, avoiding late fees and check cashing fees in the process. You can also schedule multiple payments or recurring payments, such as your rent, car payment or electricity bill — this service is provided at no extra fee online or over the phone 24 hours a day. Use your Vision Premier prepaid Visa card anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted — that means literally millions of locations around the world. This card can be used for everyday purchases at locations like grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, retail stores, or even for online or phone transactions. Don’t forget — you can even withdraw cash at any ATM that displays the Visa or Star logo.

Reasons to Sign up with Vision Premier

Pay Your Bills Online

Paying Your Bills Online with VISA Saves You Time and Builds Your Credit History.

If you compare the Vision Premier secured credit card service to other similar cards, you’ll find many reasons to sign up with Vision Premier today. Free Direct Deposit, no monthly or weekly fees (if you use direct deposit or meet other requirements), free activation after mail-in rebate, free bill pay and balance checking, and no transaction fees — these are just a handful of the benefits to the Vision Premier service.

Other secured credit cards or prepaid debit cards will charge for all of these services. Many prepaid debit cards charge you as much as $2 every time you pay a bill with their service, not to mention a fee for enrolling in their “bill payment” programs.

Still other prepaid services charge up to $30 to activate your card, and you’ll rack up a $0.50 fee every time you check your balance. Doesn’t sound like much, but if you check your balance every day for a month, there’s an additional $15 out of your pocket — for a service that Vision Premier supplies for no cost.

Disadvantages to the Vision Premier Prepaid Visa

There are a few disadvantages to the Vision Premier prepaid Visa card service. Rather than wait on a mail-in rebate for your activation fee, Vision Premier could just offer free activation. Also, if you neglect to make 15 purchases per month or don’t use their direct deposit service, you will accrue weekly fees, so watch out for that. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the Vision Premier prepaid Visa card shouldn’t be used if you’re not going to take advantage of their free direct deposit service, as the weekly fees just aren’t worth it. Still, considering you don’t have to suffer through a credit check, and are virtually guaranteed acceptance through Vision Premier, these few negative marks are easily overlooked, and if you “play by the rules” and sign up for direct deposit, you can wipe out that annoying weekly fee for good.

There are many prepaid debit card services to choose from. With the Vision Premier prepaid debit card, you have access to a number of free features that other services charge fees for. If you’re looking for a prepaid Visa card, and plan on having your paycheck deposited directly to your account, you can’t do much better than Vision Premier.

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