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On this page, we point visitors to other online sites and resources we consider helpful. Readers should look at this page as suggested reading material.

These often are sources of original research or statistical analysis, which are found on .edu and .gov websites. In other cases, we point to authority sites which readers are more likely to find convincing than NCCC itself, due to their prominent place in the world of finance or the financial literacy community. In still other cases, the articles are so well-written that we could not hope to improve on or distill the comments. In all cases, it is simply better to point consumers to the article or guide and let you read directly from the expert.

Finally, we link to debt counselors and help professionals in the world of personal finance. In these cases, we prefer to send readers to nonprofit organizations and individuals whose credentials are unassailable and whose motives are beyond reproach. No one who owns or directs a website or page I post to from this resource page compensates us for the recommendation; we do this as a public service.




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