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No Credit Check Electricity

Energy costs are a basic consideration for every tenant or homeowner. Most people assume they sign up with the local electric company or energy coop when they move into a new home. When they do, they pay a deposit, the provider provide energy to the house or apartment, and it’s as simple as that.

The system breaks down when you have a bad credit rating and the electric company doesn’t want to provide service to your home. That’s when you have to get inventive, because electricity is an essential part of living in the modern world. Luckily, you have NCCC to brainstorm ideas on how to get electricity with no credit check.

Bad things happen to good people. The current economic state has proven that. Perhaps you’ve fallen behind on your utility bills and your service was disconnected due to non-payment. Reconnect fees can be expensive and in some cases not an option. If you have found yourself in a similar situation, then no credit check electricity may be your answer.

How Does No Credit Check Electricity Work?

The various options for obtaining electric service without a credit check are not unlike traditionally secured electric service as far as the providers themselves. The functional difference between traditional electric services like that provided through a utility company is in the meter itself. As opposed to a standard electric meter, which is read by an employee of the said utility company, you can get electric meters which allow you to read your own usage and pay as you use the electricity. These meters present the information in terms of prepaid energy amount versus remaining energy amount.

It’s that simple, really. Pay-as-you-go is becoming more common, in fact.

Energy Costs in Your Household

Home Energy Costs Are Overlooked at Your Own Peril

With these plans, there’s no need to read or understand kilowatt-hours when using no credit check electricity. Meters used for this type of electrical service are also programmed to notify the consumer when the remaining energy balance is becoming low.

This reminder can help you to avoid an unexpected loss in electric service. Money can be added to your pay-as-you-go electric account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week making the process of “recharging” as convenient as possible for the consumer.

With this pay-as-you-go alternative, payment is done through a loadable card much similar to pre-paid cellular phone minutes. Money is added to your electrical account as needed. Meters are also downloaded with the current rate per kilowatt-hour, and are adjusted accordingly in variable rate plans. Many no credit check electric service providers offer rates, which are competitive to those, offered by traditional utility services.

Is Pre Paid Electricty Right For You?

Also known as pre-paid electricity, these offer provide distinct advantages over the time-old means of obtaining electric services through a utility company. Long gone are the days of paying deposits and fearing that the electric company will disconnect service due to non-payment. Many no credit check electricity providers also offer a fixed rate for residential usage of their service.

Advantages of no credit check electricity include:

  • No security deposit in many cases.
  • Pay as you go flexibility with no monthly bill to pay.
  • No reconnect or disconnect fees.
  • Promotes efficiency in energy consumption.
  • Electricity rates are competitive with those of the utility companies.
  • Fees are straightforward.
  • No contracts or commitment.
  • Pay as you go meters allow you to see usage as you go.
  • Allows the consumer to conserve and manage their electric consumption.

However, as with any advantages comes disadvantages, and no credit check energy is no different. Unlike traditional electric service as provided by a utility company, pay as you go electric can be troublesome for some. Some of the disadvantages associated with no credit check electricity are as follows:
· Unexpected loss of electricity due to balance expenditure.
· Fluctuation in budget during colder months.
· Not as readily available when compared to traditional electric services.

No Credit Check Electricity for Commercial Properties

No credit check or pay-as-you-go electricity is also available for use by property owners. Owners of large apartment or condominium buildings can also benefit from the utilization of no credit check electricity. The benefits associated with the usage of pay-as-you-go electric service for property owners are as follows:

  • Reduction in electric expenses associated with vacant property.
  • No credit check electricity allows for same day move ins.
  • Fewer occurrences of electrically driven skips.
  • Ability to offer potential as well as current tenants competitive electric rates.
  • One monthly bill per property location.
  • Many no check credit electricity providers offer property management tools.
  • Ability to manage electricity from personal PC.
  • No connect or reconnect fees to most property owners.

Property owners that utilize pay-as-you-go electricity for their properties can also expect to see the same disadvantages as residents. However, for most property owners the ability to manage electric consumption far outweighs any disadvantages associated with pay-as-you-go services.

Home Electricity Bills

Brainstorm the Options until a Light Bulb Comes On.

Every single homeowner or tenant faces an entirely different living experience. People have different debt burdens, credit ratings, income levels, family needs, and expectations. What people have in common is the need to consider all the factors which go into energy consumption and home budgeting needs. This allows them to weigh the options and best supply their energy needs from the existing options in their community.

Luckily, one other thing people have is common is the ability to consider all the factors. One idea is to sit down with your spouse or partner and write down in a notebook everything you should consider. Most important for people with low credit scores: you still have considerable options.

Whether you opt to pay a security deposit and utilize a traditional electric company for service, or opt to use a non credit check electricity provider it is important to know you have options. This comprehensive overview of electricity should allow you to discern whether or not it is a viable option for your energy needs. It is important (as with any life impacting decision) to be informed and to weighs the advantages against the disadvantages. Perhaps putting a security deposit down for traditional electrical service is more practical for your needs. Maybe no credit check electricity is the only way you can secure power for your home or property. Either way: be informed and do your research.

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