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How To Get a Tablet Computer with No Credit

Anyone can get a tablet computer with no credit. The same goes for desktop computers, laptops, and electronic devices like smartphone. Read this article to learn how to get your computer with no credit, because I’ll show you how this is done without paying higher interest. If you plan ahead and avoid the pay-more plans, your bad credit or lack of credit doesn’t have to be a liability.

You might think that’s a pipe dream, but it’s not. Online electronics vendors use one of the oldest methods to let people buy computers without a credit check of any kind. The answer is: layaway tablet computers.

Buying your electronics through layaway avoids high interest rates, because you pay no interest. You make payments before you ever touch the tablet or PC, but this avoids the credit problem. Most people think about a purchase before they make it, so instead of just hoping, set up a layaway plan and have your tablet computer in a matter of weeks.

My Comp Club

My Computer Club

Electronics Purchases Can Be Done on the Cheap, If You Know Where to Shop.

Go to a site like My Computer Club or “My Comp Club” and see the list of cheap no-credit-required computers for sale. If you prefer talking to a sales rep, call 1-800-465-6512. You’ll find financing for tablets, desktops, and notebooks starting at $16.00 per month.

If you can’t getting financing on one of these computer deals, you’ll qualify for the CompClub’s new lawaway program. This plan has 100% approval and no credit checks whatsoever.

Once again, you can reserve a notebook, desktop, or tablet with low payments and no interest. You’ll have to wait a little while longer to have use of your PC or tablet, but you pay no more than anyone else. All you need is an active checking account.

Just go to EClubUSA Lawaway Form and fill out your name, address, city, and payment information. As you fill out the form, you select which product you want in order to put it on layaway. You can choose from a 15.6 inch widescreen notebook from Hewlett-Packard, Ienovo, Acer, Asus, or Compaq. You can find a 42 inch LDC TV 1080 monitor from brands like Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic, LG, Hanspree, Vision, and Sharp. You can also buy a desktop bundle with a 19 inch LCD screen with a dual core processor from Intel/AMD, 4GB, and DDR3 memory along with 500GB HDD. These desktop computers come from Gateway, HP, Acer, SYX, Lenovo, and Compaq.

How Layaway Electronics Work

I want to give an example of how this works, so everyone is clear. When you accept a deal like this, you’ll make 12 weekly payments. After 12 weeks, the computer or electronic device ships. Then you’ll pay the rest in 12 monthly payments. For instance, you can buy an XBOX 360 gaming console with an extra wireless controller and 4GB of memory for 12 weekly payments of $10.50, then 12 monthly payments of $10.50. After those twelve weeks of payment, the XBOX 360 ships to you. You’ll be playing your favorite XBOX 360 games in less than 3 months. Afterward, you’ll be making affordable payments for the next year.

Tablet Computer Recommendations

When it’s time to buy a tablet PC, I recommend you look at one of the tablets I list below. I’ve heard good things about each of these, though they have wildly different specs and come in several different price ranges.

One or two of these brand names are on the list of products above. I’ll start with the Apple iPad, but if you can’t afford or don’t like that brand, you’ll find plenty of good tablet computers that aren’t from these manufacturers.

  • Apple iPad Tablets
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tablet
  • Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet
  • Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Tablet
  • Sony Tablet S

Overstock Tablet Personal Computers

If you can’t find the tablet computer you want with no credit, my advice of last resort is to go to Overstock.com and check out their deals of the day. Overstock sells cut-rate products from companies who are overstocked with products, either because of a shipping snafu, a sale that wasn’t as successful as might have been expected, or simply companies going out of business. I recently found a Apple iPad 2 which had been selling for $540 on sell for $43.20, which meant it was 92% off the list price. Overstock had a note that they only sell 30 of those tablet pcs a month, so you’ll have to get lucky to find such a deal, but it’s worth a shot to get an Apple i-Pad for forty bucks and change.

Buying Tablet Computers with No Credit Cards

Finding a tablet computer is getting easier all the time these days. You might not find the latest Apple iPad at the price you want, but our investigation showed that sometimes you can. With all the iPad knockoffs on the market, you’ll be able to find a good computer tablet that handles most of your online entertainment and social needs. Those devices are going to be Android tablets, usually.

Of course, if you’re a gamer who enjoys online video game with high load rates, an off-brand tablet computer might not get the trick done. You’ll have to factor in all considerations. While the iPad is likely to have better graphics, Android smartphones and tablet computers have access to more downloadable apps on Google Play, because there are more game designers developing applications for that platform. 

If you have basic computing needs, though, then you should have no trouble getting a tablet computer for either option without using a credit card. They might require a security deposit or layaway plan, but you can afford the cost. Once you’re in the 21st century so far as gadgets go, you’ll be able to answer emails, getting the latest news updates, check out what your friends are saying on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, browse singles profiles on online dating sites, or even stream videos on Youtube or Hulu.

Last Update: 9/10/2015


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