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How to Find Cheap Hotel Rooms and Travel Discounts

It’s getting the time of years when parents across the country are starting to think about summer vacation. With the current gas prices, the idea of hopping in the car and taking a road trip to save money on holiday may not sound like such a good concept after all.

In fact, with the proliferation of low cost online travel companies these days, you might find that flying with a cheap airfare service and booking cheap hotel rooms is a better plan.

Good Travel Companies for Booking Cheap Trips

Below is a list of some of the top online companies for booking cheap hotels and low-cost travel. Companies like Priceline, Travelocity, and Expedia seems omnipresent, because they run a lot of commercials on television, radio, and the Internet.

Nice Hotels for Cheap

Cheap Hotels Can Be Nice Hotels, If You Know Where to Look.

Remember, just because William Shatner appears in commercials for a company, that does not means it offers any better prices than its competitors.

Some of the best companies prefer to put their money back into their businesses and pass savings on to customers, hoping that word of mouth eventually spreads. So just because you’ve heard of a name, don’t assume you need to skip over the competition. That being said, here are some of the leaders in the travel discount business. You’ll find a lot of good deals on vacations. It’s best to book flights and hotel stays as soon as you know about them. The closer it is to the day you visit, the more expensive the trip is likely to be.

  • Priceline
  • Travelocity
  • Hotels.Com
  • Orbitz
  • Kayak
  • Hotwire
  • Hipmunk
  • Trip Advisor
  • Expedia

These companies provide a nice service and have lowered prices in the past 15 to 20 years over what they would have been otherwise. At the same time, you can find even better prices if you look at the aggregators and less well-known travel companies.

Since everyone knows about the companies above, let’s discuss the companies below for a minute.

More Cheap Travel Companies

Those who want the full package or who want to know who partners with those famous companies above should take a look at these big international travel corporations. These often can book everything from a cruise to a railway travel to cars and trucks. Some of these travel booking companies schedule reserve airfare, hotel rooms, and even ferry travel.

  • Sabre Global Distribution System – GDS – Works with American Airlines, Expedia, Travelocity, American Express, Lastminute Com, Hogg Robinson Group, Frontier, GetThere, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, and BCD Travel to book passengers and tourists. Sabre works through 55 thousand travel agencies, 400 airlines, 88 thousand hotels, thirteen cruise lines, and twenty-four car rental brands. Sabre is found in Southlake, Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex) and has over 9 thousand employees worldwide. These employees are spread of 59 different locations.
  • Amadeus North America – Amadeus is a booking website located out of Madrid, Spain; Erding, Germany; and Sophia Antipolis, France. Amadeus is used to book train travel, hotel rooms, car and SUV rentals, airline fares, and ferry reservations. The site I linked to is their North American wing.
  • Worldspan at Travelport – Travelport is a leading provider of critical travel “transaction processing solutions” in the global travel industry. This includes guides, functionality, technology, and services. Worldspan has the Ask Travelport function to give people information on the cheapest sources of travel everywhere in the world. Travelport has a universal desktop interface, a smartpoint app, and a universal API to help people get the travel info they need. Keep in mind that Travelport is owned by the next company, so if you notice Galileo shows up on Travelport searches a lot, you’ll know why.
  • Galileo at Travelport – Travelport owns Galileo and the one is found on the other’s website. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, they book cruises, hotels, train travel, and auto rentals. Let me warn you–at least on my computer, their website took forever to load.

It’s occurred to me that some of the people wanting to find cheap hotels might want to find cities where cheap hotel bookings can be found. This often changes with the season, so if you’re willing to travel off-season to destinations, you can find nice deals. The best trick to finding inexpensive hotel rooms is to figure out reasons these establishments would have to lure customers in. Let me give one prominent example.

Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas

If you want to stay at a nice hotel for a little bit of nothing, go to one of the gaming destinations in America. These resorts offer the cheapest prices to visitors, hoping the people stay around and gamble. If you don’t gamble, then the cost is amazingly low.

People can still see the sites, do some shopping, and attend a few shows. I know the attractions can be expensive, but not if you reads tips on how to get cheap tickets. If you don’t mind standing in the reserve line, you’ll get cheap tickets to the best shows without paying huge prices.

I digress, but the bottom line is this: travelers can find cheap hotels in Las Vegas any time of the year. You might think Las Vegas is a tourist trap and everything there is insanely priced, but hotels and resorts are in fierce competition to lure customers into their establishments.

Las Vegas Hotels at Night

Competition for Gamblers Assures That Las Vegas Hotel Rooms Will Be Dirt Cheap.

You can find hotel rooms at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino for as low as $70 a night. Rooms at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino sell for as cheap as $56 per night.

Book a room at the Excalibur and you might pay as low as $30–no joking.

You’ll see these rates advertised online and you might think it’s some scam, but my sister’s family went to Las Vegas in the last few months and she assured me the Excalibur offered rooms the cheapest rooms.

Here’s why,

A hotel wants you to stay in their resort for the night, because they want you to play in the casino. They’ll give customers a room for a little bit of nothing, knowing that most gamblers are going to stay in the area to play the slots or take a shot at the blackjack table. They assume whatever it takes to get you into a hotel room at the Excalibur, they’ll have a significant portion of your business. But if you go to Las Vegas and avoid wasting a bunch of money gambling, you can stay for some of the cheapest rates in the USA.

This video from Tara Darby of Mahalo.com gives a list of the Top 5 most affordable hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. She discusses Off-the-Strip hotels, along with discounted rooms right there on the Strip. One advantage of this YouTube video is you have one-click access to inexpensive deals in Miami, Chicago, and London. There’s even additional information for cheap day trips in-and-around Las Vegas, as well as other low-cost attractions and amenities.

You won’t be staying at the best Las Vegas hotels, but you’ll be staying in resorts which are plenty good. Just avoid the money trap and you can have a vacation with a lifetime of memories. I know it’s fun to gamble, but those resorts exist because the casinos make money off of betting. When you bet, the money flows in, because the casinos have a legal right to set the odds in their favor. Don’t listen to anybody who tells you they have a system or they always win, because in either case, they don’t. I’m not saying they’re lying, but the human mind has a way of forgetting about the three gambling trips where you lost money, but always remembers that one time when you won big. It’s human nature.

Instead, turn a trip to Las Vegas into a sight-seeing tour. See the Vegas Strip. Walk through the famous casinos like the Bellagio and the Wynn hotels. Go see the Fremont Street Experience. Drive out to see Area 51. Save what money you have for a few well-selected Vegas shows. These are things your family will remember, not sitting in front of a slot machine hitting a button which says “Spin”.

Least Expensive Hotel Rentals

Other gambling destinations may have the same system, though most of them are the only show in town (that is, for 200 miles or so), meaning they may feel no need to convince gamblers to stay at their hotel. Try the same in Atlantic City, Tunica, or Reno, but none have the unique dynamics of Sin City. When you’re talking about local Native American casinos in the middle of nowhere (like the Winstar Casino near where I live), you might not find much of a discount.

Gambling towns aren’t the only destination this might happen in. Ski resorts give discounts in the summer. Lake and beach resorts give discounts in the winter, and so on. These are often beautiful destinations, even when snow doesn’t cap the mountains or when it’s too cold to swim. Many are near famous golf courses or other famous attractions. Once you start thinking about destinations which would have reason to want your business or need your business during the offseason, you’ll find all kind of cheap hotels for rent.

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