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Here’s a small collection of personal finance advice. These are modern survival tips for the financially-troubled, including separate discussions of how to buy a PC computer and a tablet computer with bad credit.

I also discuss how to save money when you’re building a family. Money is the #1 reason people give for their divorce. While I absolutely believe most marriages fail because of basic incompatibility issues, economic struggles put immense stress on even the best of relationships. This is a ready guide to thriving in the 21st century, when raising kids has challenges unique to history.


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Rutgers Personal Finance Assessment Quizzes: Online Budget Resources

As you can see, i also discuss Benjamin Graham’s economic theories, which are good grounding for personal finance, I believe. Some of these guides are strategic, while others are tactical. Virtually all of them fall under the category Financial Literacy, which has become more of a watchword as I’ve continue to write on this website.

At the end of the day, the more you know about finance (and apply), the better you’ll be. Nothing is beyond the average consumer. It’s a matter of having it explained in a sensible fashion. Take a look at the economics courses from MIT and Open University to see that truth. Personal finances involve your money, and nobody knows your financial state better than you do.

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