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How to Find the Cheapest U.S. Airfare in 2015

Yesterday, I talked about cheap hotel booking companies. After writing about the cheapest ways to travel, it occurred to me that many people aren’t traveling for vacations and sight-seeing. Many of them are business travelers who need the cheapest bookings they can find for flights.

Most people working for corporations are going to have the expenses paid by their employers. But when you’re a small business owner, independent contractor, consultant, or other type of paid professional, you might pay for your own flights. So I came up with a guide for finding cheap airfare and travel fares for flights only.

This information can be user by vacationers wanting to find the least expensive flight tickets for vacations, holiday trips, and other excursions. Nothing at any of these low-cost airline companies states you can’t book to fly if you’re a family of four taking the summer vacation. My main purpose is to offer flight information to help the cash-strapped flier, though. With that in mind, here’s the cheapest low-cost airlines in America and the wider world.

Find Cheap Airfare and Travel Fares for Flights & Vacations

Here are 5 airlines which try to keep airfare to a bare minimum. You can expect smaller jets and no meals. For instance, Southwest Airlines offers a small drink and a snack on the flight, but no meals whatsoever. On the positive side, Southwest is also a lot more reasonable on its bag checking policies, in my experience.

  • Southwest Airlines – Southwest Airlines out of Dallas Love Field is one of the big success stories of the low cost airline services. Southwest offers domestic USA traffic, Caribbean flights, and passage bound for Mexico.
  • Frontier Airlines – This is a low-cost airline found in Denver, Colorado. You’ll find Frontier Airlines connecting to 76 destinations in the United States and Mexico, as well as stops in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. Frontier Airlines operates out of Denver International Airport and was founded in 1994. Frontier Airlines offers domestic flights in the USA, along with flights to Mexico and Central America.
  • JetBlue Airways Corporation – Jet Blue Airways is a low-cost air service out of Long Island City section of Queens, New York. JetBlue Airways is operated out of the JFK Airport, but also has operations at Long Beach Airport, the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, and Orlando International Airport. Jetblue offers domestic American, South America, and Caribbean routes.
  • Spirit Airlines – Is found in Miramar, Florida in the Greater Miami metropolitan area and has bases in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Bahamas.
  • Virgin America – Since 2007 to the present, Virgin Airlines has operated Virgin America out of the San Francisco International Airport. Los Angeles International Airport is considered a focus city. Everyone who speaks English as a native language probably know that Virgin Group companies are owned by Sir Richard Branson, eccentric and highly successful English business magnate. Virgin America offers both domestic flights and flight to Mexico.

Each region is going to have one or two cheap airlines at the most. Because new laws make it easier for these companies to compete against the American Airlines and major companies of the aeronautics world, you might find consolidation will happen in the next 5 to 10 years. In a way, I hope that doesn’t happen and the current travel conditions is sustainable into the distant future.

More Cheap U.S. Airlines

Charming Stewardess - Cheap Airfare in the US

Cheap Airfare Doesn’t Have to Be Fly-by-Night Air Transit.

Those searching for more low-cost airelines in America might take a look at Allegiant Air out of Enterprise, Nevada (near Las Vegas), Sun Country Airlines out of Mendota Heights, Minnesota (near Minneapolis-St. Paul), and Vision Airlines out of Suwanee, Georgie.

Allegiant Airways has domestic routes only. Sun Country Airlines has domestic flights, trips to Mexico, and Caribbean routes. Vision Airlines offers domestic routes as far west as Las Vegas, along with flights to the Bahamas.

Low-Cost Airlines around the Globe

For Canadians wanting to travel for cheap, other low-cost airlines to consider are CanJet, WestJet, and Porter Airlines out of Canada. Canada is an expansive nation, so it’s travelers needing to get around for business or personal reasons need cheap air travel opportunities. These three options are the most prominent at the moment.

The United Kingdom has low-cost alternatives like Bmibaby, Flybe, Jet2 Com, and easyJet. The UK’s people are island-bound, so they take flights all around Europe and the nations on the North Atlantic rim. Also, their business professionals and executives need to to visit overseas facilities, suppliers, and partners a lot. They also have the Commonwealth of Nations, which are a focus of economic development. Put it all together and the British need a lot of low-cost air travel options.

Australia has regional air services like Virgin Australia, Jetstar Airways, and Tiger Airways Australia. Australia’s geographic isolation means its residents have to travel long distances anytime they want to visit another country. Low-cost travel options must exist, and exist in significant numbers.

South Africa has an even large number of low-cost airlines with insanely cheap flights, such as South African Express, Velvet Sky, 1Time, Mango Airlines, and Kulula.com. If you look at a map of South Africa, you’ll notice that it’s Caucasian population is geographically isolated from its parent cultures in Europe: the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. South Africa remains in the Commonwealth of Nations, so its business class is likely to want to travel to other Commonwealth localities. This explains the many less expansive flying options.

Still others that are worth mentioning in a handful of other countries worldwide are Ryan Airlines (Ireland), Easy Sky (Honduras), Wizz Air Hungary Airlines Ltd (Hungary), and Mihin Lanka Ltd (Sri Lanka). These are examples that the need for cheaper flights is a global phenomenon.

China’s Spring Airlines, India’s Spicejet, and Japan’s Skymark and JAL Express all have their own versions of low-cost carriers. Of course, China, India, and Japan are some of the most densely populated countries in the world. Their economies also represents some of the most business savvy and economically dynamic countries in Asia. Its peoples are going to be flying about the world in great numbers.

Defunct Low-Cost Airlines

The list of defunct low cost flight services are too numerous to list, but I’ll mention a few of the notables from recent years. Skybus out of Columbus, Ohio gave a try to low-cost flights in 2007-2008, but the bad economy and rising oil prices caused Skybus Airlines Inc to go under. AirTran or ValuJet Airlines out of Orlando operated from 1992 to 2012, but was acquired by Southwest Airlines in March of 2012.

Cheapest International Airfaire

When you’re looking for cheap flights around the country, consider looking for special packages on junkets and holiday get-aways. Most of the cheap airfare experts tend to have everyday low fares and don’t have too many vacation packages, but you never know when you can find cheap travel from one of these low priced air carriers. Those looking to travel outside their home countries may be out of luck, but don’t forget to check the low-cost airfare on flights from companies in nearby countries. For instance, the Japanese low-cost airlines appeared to offer service to China. I’m betting low cost flight alternatives from Korea and other nearby Asian nations would do the same. The point being, finding the least expensive flights may take a little bit of searching, but the many airlines listed on this page should get you pointed in the right direction.

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