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No Credit Check

The following pages represent specific products, goods, or services which do not require a credit check to use. Some of what I talk about includes free products or services. Others involve types of websites which normally charge a fee, but don’t in this case.

For instance, I once posted links to 30 free dating websites. This was an expansion of a more limited article on a similar subject. Some of those were some niche singles sites–I’m telling you. Still, everyone deserves a helpmate in life, so I posted links to every free dating service I could find (it turned out to be 30).

While I’m sure there are more comprehensive guides to such sites out there, I bet there’s no other blog focused on debt, bad credit, and personal finance which matches that list.

This section of the site also discusses free legal advice and debt help experts who don’t charge a fee. I’m telling readers that nonprofit debt counselors exist and they are more helpful and less seedy than their for-profit counterparts. These are often social service, philanthropic, or religious organizations who simply want to help. Pro bona lawyers are also nice in a pinch.

I include information on house rentals, apartment rentals, and boat rentals. Millions of Americans have bad credit. If fixes didn’t exist to help people with no credit card or bad histories, the system would break down.

Another few pages discuss furniture loans, which are a huge problem for people, as well as retail outlets which provide charge cards without credit checks. Believe it or not, such things exist. So keep reading and you’ll learn the best remedies for people dealing with the fallout of spiraling debt.

No Credit Check Articles

When this website first got started, it was a collection of static articles about buying and renting things without having to undergo a credit check. Below is the list of 18 original sub-pages on this website. I’ve tried to update each of these articles over the years, but I continue to upgrade and refresh the information for readers, so keep returning to get the latest details on living with a bad FICO score or no financial history whatsoever.

Credit Cards for People with No Credit History
“Bad Credit” Credit Cards
Furniture Loans
Home Loans
Phone Plans
Car Rentals
Boat Loans
Car Loans
Car Dealerships
Unsecured Loans
Secured Credit
AccountNow Prepaid Visa Cards
Next Millenium Credit Card
Silver Prepaid Mastercard
Vision Premier Prepaid Debit Cards
How to Build Credit

Blog Posts – No Credit Check Services and Products

In the subsequent years, I’ve continued to come back to this subject, in one form or another. The original purpose of this site was to offer a guide to living when you don’t have VISA, MasterCard, or American Express to vouch for your financial stability. Most of the blog posts below have to do with recommendations for free or cheap products you can use with no hassle.

In other cases, I’ve offered fixes or hacks for people who are dealing with the consequences of crushing debt. This includes expanded analysis of older subjects, or adding shopping guides for rentals I never covered in the first place.

30 Free Dating Communities for Cash-Poor Singles
Free Legal Advice with Online Lawyers – Pro Bono Work
How to Rent a Boat without a Credit Card
House Rentals on Distressed Homes
No Credit Check Apartment Rentals
Furniture for People with Poor Credit
How to Fix Credit Card Debt
What Is an Unsecured Loan?
Retail Stores That Offer Financing without Credit Check

These should get readers started. As time passes, I’ll add more how-to articles to this section of the site. No Credit Check was the original intent of this website, so I want to return back to our original premise from time to time.

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