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Pawn Shop Listings in Florida

Pawning your valuables is still a legitimate way to get money fast. In the past, I wrote about cash advance stores and suggested people should avoid them. Later, I realized I should have suggested alternatives to get cash quickly, so I talked about other forms of cash advances. What I failed to discuss was time-honored ways of getting cash quickly, so today I discuss the pawn shop.

People who need extra cash should consider going to a pawn shop before they take out a cash advance from their credit card company or they take out a payday loan.

Whether consumers are pawning their valuables for cash or they’ve decided to take out a loan with a pawn broker with their goods as collateral, a person is using assets instead of unsecured borrowing to get some cash.

In the past few years, pawnbrokers have become trendy, believe it or not. The popularity of the Pawnstars TV program on the History Channel should get the credit.

Lauren Kaminzky of EZ Pawn

The Kaminzky Family of New York Runs EZ Pawn, While Dabbling in the Dining Industry.

What people might not know is the whole business model has changed. Chains of stores can now be found. The EZ Pawn Company in the northeast is a prime example of that. EZ Pawn has been successful enough that Huffington Post featured the company, focusing on the 22-year old vice president of the company, Lauren Kaminsky.

It’s easy to focus on the attractive young owner of such a business, but the Kaminsky family is an institution in the pawn business. What people might not take away from the article is pawnbrokers are like any other set of business owners in America: from all walks of life. No two are alike, however they might be portrayed in the media.

But enough of the Kaminsky family. I want to focus on the Sunshine State today.

Florida’s Cash-Poor Residents

Recently, I posted an article about debt lawyers across the United States.  I had noticed how badly hit the state of Florida was by the housing crunch. Cities like Miami, Tampa, and Saint Petersburg were among the worst hit in the United States. While southern Florida is on the road to recovery, that doesn’t mean a lot of families aren’t still having difficulties. If you’re still feeling pressure to pay the bills and stretch your paycheck, you might be looking for access to a local pawn shop.

With that in mind, I’ve made a list of notable pawnshops in several of Florida’s largest cities. If anyone wants me to post for places like Pensacola, Tallahassee, Bradenton, or Daytona, just let me know and I’ll do the legwork. For the time being, here’s pawn brokers in the largest Floridian metropolitan areas.

Pawn Shops in Miami, Florida

I tried to include pawn shops in the north, south, east, and west of Miami, though I’m not sure if I was thorough enough with the southern locations. Still, Cash Inn South is a start to getting your goods sold or pawned.

A New Hocke Shoppe
754 Northeast 167th Street
Miami, Florida 33162

Americash Pawn Shop
2518 Northeast 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33137

Cash Inn South Inc
21475 South Dixie Highway
Miami, Florida 33189

Cash Usa
13505 Northwest 7th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33168

I-95 Pawn Shop
7814 Northwest 7th Ave
Miami, FL 33150

Miami Jewelry & Trading Co
200 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33128

Pawn Stores in Hialeah, Florida

People in Hialeah are feeling the credit pinch, too. Hialeah is affected by the same economic issues that Miami, South Beach, and Ft. Lauderdale are feeling. I noticed La Estrella appears to have a stranglehold over the pawn shop business in Hialeah, but I listed a few of the mom-and-pop brokers to give them some attention, too.

Laestrella De Oro
552 Hialeah Drive
Hialeah, FL 33010-5349

Yes Cash II
2931 W 12th Ave
Hialeah, FL 33012-4833

EL Zafiro Jewelry Inc
6859 W 4th Ave
Hialeah, FL 33014-5337

LA Estrella De Oro Joyeria
5610 E 8th Ave
Hialeah, FL 33013-1360

New York Cash Mart II
1211 West 44th Place
Hialeah, FL 33012-3331

Pawn Shops in Tampa, Florida

I was amazed at the debt statistics for the Tampa Bay area. The average debt percentage per household was between 10% and 20% of income–on average. I imagine a lot of people are looking for an influx of money, so look around your house (in your closets and attics) to see whether you have valuable items that might fetch a price and which you can stand to part with. If you find enough, you might have a garage sale instead. If you don’t have enough, go in with a friendly neighbor.

Tampa has recovered somewhat since I first posted these names, but many residents still haven’t felt the effects of the recovery. Here are options besides payday loan companies.

Discount Pawn & Jewelry Inc
8210 Causeway Boulevard
Tampa, Florida 33619

A1 Pawn & Gun Shop
11502 N Nebraska Avenue #104
Tampa, FL 33612

A Universal Pawn & Loan Co
3911 W Waters Ave # 16
Tampa, Florida 33614

Value Pawn & Jewelry Store
8120 W Waters Ave
Tampa, FL 33615

A & W Pawn & Estate Jewelry
2917 W Columbus Drive
Tampa, FL 33607

Cash America Pawn
4900 East Busch Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33617

Tampa Gun & Pawn
1502 East Fletcher Avenue A
Tampa, FL 33612

A-1 Pawn & Gun Shop
4147 W Hillsborough Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33614

Value Pawn Inc
2111 E Fletcher Ave
Tampa, FL 33612

Sam’s Pawn
1505 W Busch Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33612

Pawn Shops in Saint Petersburg, FL

Whatever affects Tampa is likely to affect St. Petersburg, Florida. Whether you are needing to sell goods in the north or the south parts of the city, these store owners should be able to help you if you live in the 727 area code. Again, the area has shown significant recovery, but I noticed this area was mentioned by Sen. Marco Rubio the other night in the Republican Presidential Debate. Rubio discussed it as if families were still struggling to make ends meet in the Tampa-Saint Petersburg area.

Neighborhood Pawn LLC
6700 46th Avenue Nnoth
Saint Petersburg, FL 33709-4704

Pasadena Estate Jewelry & Pawn
790 Pasadena Ave South
Saint Petersburg, FL 33707-2032

Southern Pawn
4545 4th Street North
Saint Petersburg, FL 33703-4730

Pawn Shops in Orlando, Florida

You might think of Orlando as the Magic Kingdom, where people with all sorts of money visit Disneyworld and the residents are people like Tiger Woods who have money to burn, but Orlando is just like any other American city. The pawn shops in the city are broken down between statewide franchises like La Familia and Value Pawn, along with local operations like Big Cash, Absolute Pawn, and Instant Replay Jewelry.

Big Cash Pawn
6438 E Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32807

Absolute Pawn & Gun
3529 Edgewater Drive
Orlando, FL 32804

Instant Replay Jewelry & Pawn
9460 E Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32817

La Familia Pawn Orlando
7342 Curry Ford Road
Orlando, FL 32822

A & M Pawn Shop
118 S Orange Blossom Trl
Orlando, FL 32805

Value Pawn & Jewelry
6615 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32807

Value Pawn and Jewelry Store Inc
1874 South Semoran Blvd
Orlando, FL 32822

Pawn Brokers in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville is yet another Florida city hit hard by the financial crisis, so I included a larger list for this cityscape. I assumed the one business was “Mandarin Jewelry”, but I keep seeing it spelled the way it is below, so my apologies if that’s not right. Super Cash, EZ Pawn, and Value Pawn have multiple franchises.

E Z Pawn
5553 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Prestige Jewelry & Pawn Inc
2640 Cesery Blvd #4
Jacksonville, Florida 32211

Arlington Jewelry & Pawn Inc
6642 Arlington Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32211

Super Cash Pawn
9 Acme St
Jacksonville, Florida 32211

Jax Jewelry & Pawn Inc
5211 Blanding Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32210

La Tienda Jewelry
6059 Saint Augustine Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32217

Mandrin Jewelry
11531 San Jose Blvd #5
Jacksonville, FL 32223

Value Pawn & Jewelry Store Inc
905 Edgewood Avenue North
Jacksonville, FL 32254

Bonded Jewelry & Pawn
2818 N Main St
Jacksonville, FL 32206

Cash America Pawn
5104 Normandy Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32205

Pawning Valuables for Quick Cash

That’s a start to locating Florida pawn brokers who can give you the ready cash needed to pay down your bills and start rebuilding your life. Pawning your valuables is a good way to start paying down your credit card debts. So many consumers spend too much money on clothes, electronics, appliances, and other household objects we don’t need. Start thinking about the items and devices you never use, but might still be valuable. Don’t be a pack-rat. Instead, take those perfectly good assets and hock them for the ability to pay off your credit card bill. This cleans out your house while cleaning up your credit score.

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