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This page began on the subject of getting a postsecondary degree through college, university, or technical institutes.

While it began with student loans, I soon began looking at alternative ways to deal with the dilemma of getting a college education without ending up in debt for life. That led me to the subject of scholarships and student loan consolidation. Eventually, it led me to find free online education resources. I focused on economics, business, and financial courses, but that led me down a whole other path: towards the subject of financial literacy.

Therefore, this page also links to articles about people educating themselves in financial literacy. Hopefully, one or more of the pages below help someone turn their financial life around. The thing is, money is tied to so many other things in life: self-image, confidence, peace of mind, job decisions, and relationship decisions. It can be said with truth that getting your finances in order is essential to getting your life in order.

It has to start somewhere, so let’s begin.

Student Loans

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Free Education

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Personal Finance

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These are a few of the articles on this site which tackle the subject of either education in general, or financial literacy in specific. I’m an advocate of people learning about their own personal finances and taking a direct hand in sculpting their financial future. People reading this site are not expected to have a stock broker, personal accountant, and financial analyst. Instead, they are people who are dealing with bad credit, whether they are college students, newlyweds starting out, single parents, middle-aged credit ghosts, people facing bankruptcy, or any of a number of other financial woes.

In these situations, getting the skills to make more income is essential.

Just as essential it learn to skills and self-discipline to keep more of the income they make. Money isn’t everything, but it is the beginning of a stabler and freer way of living. Once you can stop worrying about money all the time, you can start focusing on the finer things in life. Stress and money are so often linked, just as both are linked to depression. Therefore, building up a savings account is essential to stability, security, and well-being.

Keep reading and we’ll try to help.

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