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Free Online Dating Websites for Singles with No Credit Cards

Singles searching for no credit card dating sites are looking for 100% free online dating communities. If at any point the website asks you to pay for a monthly subscription, I consider their singles community to be a paid site.

Most dating groups on the Internet have a free option where you can post a profile and respond to other people’s inquiries. That’s how sites like eHarmony and SinglesNet can boast they have millions of users, even though most of those people created a profile and never used a credit card to pay for a month’s subscription.

The problem with the way these e-matchmaker sites are set up is you have to pay a lot of money to really use them. It’s great if you have that one-in-a-million profile picture and write-up that gets they paying costumers of the opposite gender to invite you to be a part of their world. Those of us in the real world know the free profiles almost never work.

Free Online Dating Websites

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That’s why you won’t see Match Com, PlentyofFish, or Zoosk on the list below of free dating websites, even though their sales reps and online marketing division would protest vehemently that anyone can fill out a free profile, that no credit card is required, and credit checks are not performed for new members.

Technically, they have a free option, but it isn’t a good option.

All the freebie singles are immediately put at a disadvantage, because they can only respond to emails from other singles. They can never initiate contact.

Also, you deal with the stigma of having a free account, while these other singles are using the paid option. To many possible daters, they assume you are either (1) cheap or (2) unable to afford a paid service. Either way, sites like Match marginalize the non-paying users.

No Credit Card Singles Websites

So I’ve done the work to assure you can click on a few real no-credit-card required singles websites and start browsing profiles secure in the knowledge you can actually contact the person in the photo and take a shot at starting something beautiful without forking up $16.99 per month on a recurring basis. These are totally free dating sites with no strings attached and no introductory program. Below that, I’ll show you where you can hook up with over a hundred other similar websites–totally free of charge.

Diggin You Free Online Dating

Diggin You is free dating site. I list it first, because it’s a little easier to navigate for information. Diggin You Dating encourages members to rate pictures, which in turn pushes people further up their “Top Girls” and “Top Guys” rankings. The latest additions get their own categories, so those who want the latest updates or who’ve already dated any longtime members they wanted to date, you can search through “New Girls” or “New Guys“.

As mentioned before, Diggin You has a “Hottest Rated” section where you can find cute girls and hot guys. The interface comes with a contact button when you want to get to know a person. You’ll also find a quick search engine and a Diggin You Forum to get to know a potential date a little better, or simply to meet other Digg You members and pick up tips on learning the local scene.

Intimate Adults Alternative Dating

IntimateAdults is a dating website for women and men who don’t feel like they fit into the regular dating scene on the “regular dating sites”. Don’t worry if Intimate Adults sounds like it has a fetish crowd, because you can search for a long-term relationship, lots of online fun and fliration through video chatting, or casual physical relations. Intimate Adults has voice chat, video chat, and email service to make you as comfortable as you need to be to enjoy your Internet dating experience. The signup is a little more detailed than the previous two sites, but it’s totally free of charge.

123 Personal Dating Community

The 123Personal dating community is free to join, free to search, and free to reply. One annoying thing on most of the pay dating sites is the fact you can send little emoticons to people when you haven’t paid, but you need to pay a monthly subscription to be able to have a meaningful conversation with anyone. That’s not the case with 1-2-3 Personals, which has no restriction on your online communications with other members.

123 Personals is a member of the Tangowire Network. This means you’ll have access to the many niche dating communities in Tangowire. You can find people living abroad, find people by their horoscope, or find someone because they cook really well. No joke. The list of niche dating communities 123 Personals gives you include sports & fitness related, bikers, wealthy singles, art lovers, single parents, military, cooks, gay and lesbian (G&L), seniors dating, big beautiful women, race cars, art lovers, or even animal lovers. Your search options are many and varied at 123personals…and it’s all totally free.

Neofriends Free Dating Site

Neofriends was a 100% free online dating website when I first posted on this subject back in 2012, but it appears to be defunct at the moment. It was my favorite of the four listed, but I moved it down the page until I can confirm it’s gone. If so, I’ll try to add another option. For now, I’ll leave its description, so people can research on their own. Let me know if the community has moved its address.

Back in 2012, both single men and women could search for a match online with no charge. The personal ads were easy to navigate through. Not much information was listed and some of it is obviously wrong. For example, I found 4 women who obviously had had listed themselves as “bald”. That is not unheard of, but it seemed to be a bit more common than you would have expected. (Though I’d like to see a “bald dating” website–every other niche exists.)

You didn’t find a lot to work with when researching profiles on Neofriends, but you got some sense of the person’s philosophy and a picture of the person. I found those listed on the Neo Friends homepage to be suspiciously attractive, but then again, this might be an editorial choice to post good-looking members on the front page. Most ages appeared to be in the late 20s and early 30s, but if that’s in your age range, Neofriends dating seemed like a hot option.

Free Dating Sites Directory

If none of those options work for you, I’ll provide a mention of the Free Dating Sites Directory. This site links and reviews dozens, maybe hundreds, of free online dating websites where people can meet people. I place this far down the list because I can’t attest to the good intentions of every dating community this site promotes–the list is just too long. For instance, you’ll find lots of Russian women sites and Asian dating sites, so I couldn’t say for certainty that some of these aren’t the mail-order bride type of website. I’m not saying they are, either.

What you’ll find is categories for free USA dating sites (14 sites in all), Canadian (4), Asian (15), Middle Eastern (5), Caribbean (6), Russian (12), Latin American dating (5), free African dating (12), Australian (15), and European (37) free dating websites.

You’ll also find specialty or niche dating websites, including lesbian dating (4), gay dating (10), specialty dating (29), and religious dating (34). You’ll find a category called international dating with 152 different sites, but I’m pretty sure this is just an amalgamation of the various other categories all rolled into one.

Frustrations with Online Dating

If you’ve had frustrations with online dating and all the usual tips articles don’t help, listen to Amy Webb’s 17-minute lecture on TED Talks about how she hacked her online dating profile and gave herself better results.

It’s funny stuff, but it somewhat mirrored some of my own frustrations with online dating. It made me laugh. Anyone who comes to this page is either a player who has it all figured out and needs a new playground, or else they are completely frustrated with online dating, but haven’t given up hope yet. They’re looking for new ideas, and hope this page gives them.

Thus, I present Amy Webb and her own unique perspective on e-dating.

Free Online Dating – No Credit Card Required

So there you have it: dozens and dozens of no credit card required dating sites. The great thing about such a community is that you’ll be looking through profiles of people that came to the same conclusion you did: I don’t want to pay for the right to look through profiles.

If this article hasn’t helped, I did further research and came up with 30 more free dating sites. Many of these are niche hookup sites dealing with people in special communities or sub-cultures. Maybe one fits you. If not, maybe it will give you an idea of searching for your niche. The Internet is like the “many worlds” theory; everything you can imagine exists somewhere online. Imagine the niche dating site and you’ll probably find it.

And when you do, it might be free.

One final note: if you’re on the No-Credit-Card Blog because you have bad credit and you’re worrying about money, you’re likely to find other singles on these sites who either aren’t going to judge you because you don’t have a lot of money right now, are in the same bad credit or no credit troubles as yourself and isn’t likely to make a big deal about your debt, or simply don’t believe in materialistic approaches to dating and are likely to love you for the person you are–not the cash (or credit) in your wallet.

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