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Groupon Coupons: Club Discounts in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Chicago

People needing to avoid credit checks because of bad credit should know about Groupons coupons. In the past 5 years, online coupon shopping has become the best new way to save money.

All the work which used to go into coupon clipping after you bought an expensive Sunday paper now can be done by clicking on a few links on the Internet. Online coupon sites exist that offer great discounts, so the only expense to you is the cost of printing off coupon codes.

What’s so unique about Groupon coupons are they’re offered for local businesses, so people in Dallas, Chicago, or Los Angeles each receive different promotional offers. Getting discounts is one way someone with crushing student loan or credit card debt can get ahead and start to dig themselves out of their debt hole.

How I Found Groupon Coupons

Groupon CEO

That’s Groupon’s Former CEO Andrew Mason in the Picture.

A month or two ago, I was complaining about the bills to my girlfriend. She told me that I should try Groupon, but it took her about three explanations for me to figure out the concept behind deal-of-the-day shopping (I’m not very bright sometimes). I eventually went to the Groupon website and started to figure out how things worked.

I won’t be able to explain this as well as people who’ve been shopping at Groupon for months or years, but I’ll give it a try. Sites like these are one reason I’ve become so fascinated by the Internet, because online shopping communities and social networking sites not only give people more information, but they give them more buying power. When everybody starts working together, the shopping coop helps everybody live a little bit better lifestyle.

How To Use Groupon

When you go to the site, you’ll be asked to give your name, email address, and regional location. Put in your zip code and Groupon decides which discount page is going to help you the most. In my case, I went to the Dallas page, where I was given DFW deals from local businesses who had negotiated prices and terms with Groupon’s representatives.

When you see these deals, you’re given the chance to buy them right off with a few clicks. Usually, a tiered system for buying visits, tickets, or a number of items exist. You’re shown the options, how many other people have taken the same offer, and given a Google map to the nearest locations. Each offer has a product description. The way it works, Groupon assures people in each city they’ll get at least one good deal per day, so people in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area are each given the same buying options.

Groupon Coupons in 2012 are more streamlined for local consumers than ever. Every day, every major city in America has its special deal of the day from Groupon. Groupon is a deal-of-the-day online website, where members buy special coupons specific to their area or city. When enough customers buy this coupon, a group rate or bulk rate is achieved and everyone shares in the savings.

Not only are coupon shoppers given rare deals and discounts, but the company offering these promotions come to the attention of a wider audience. Groupon, which was founded in 2008 and is already traded on the New York Stock Exchange, becoming one of the darlings of the NYSE in 2010 and 2011. In fact, competitor like LivingSocial and Google Offers have sprung up to present a challenge. I’ll have to give those a try sometime, but I’ll be work on Groupon for a while now.

Groupon Dallas 2012

Searching beyond your city page is as easy as clicking on “All Deals“, “Featured Deal“, “Now! Deals“, “Getaways“, “Goods“, or “Rewards“. These categories are found across the top of the page. I haven’t looked closely at each and every one of those yet, because I’m still exploring the local Dallas deals.

Offers I’m seeing include everything from salons and dental offices to cotton stores, yoga instruction, and archery academies. Just a quick browse showed me a window cleaning business, a photography studio, a laser clinic, kids deals, a skate center, retreats, car washes, spas, a “chicks boot camp”, floor and furniture stores, hotels, and lots of restaurants.

I get tired of searching through the various cosmopolitan and entertainment sections of North Texas papers, civic websites, and online advertisements for weekend outings, so it’s nice to find alternative ideas for dates. If I want to try out an Ethiopian restaurant, there one is offering special deals. If I want to try a new deli or bakery, it’s on offer.

Getaway Coupons

Groupon Can Be Revived

Groupon Has Faced Setbacks Since 2012, But Is Predicted to Be Making a Comeback.

I’ll have to discuss the getaway discounts some other time, but you’ll get good deals on retreats, holiday get-a-ways, and vacation spots. I haven’t tried any of these yet, but I’ll give feedback when I do.

Frankly, I wish my girlfriend would post some information on here, because she’s used the site a lot more than I have at this point.

I should mention I’ve noticed some of our date locations since I joined, so I guess I’ve been trying out Groupon coupons without knowing it. (Yes, she insists on paying sometimes. I guess Maria’s a liberated woman. I foot the bill 4 out of 5 times, though.) In lieu of her ever making a post, I’ll have to be the messenger on the coupons front.

Coupon Codes and Home Budgeting

In the coming months, I intend on talking about some of those stodgy old subjects like building good credit, debt consolidation, and home budgeting. When I do, I’ll occasionally discuss what I’ve learned about Internet coupons and how they can help you cut corners and stay under budget, especially with the outrageous price of gas and commuting is blowing budgets across the USA. Keep checking back here throughout 2012 and 2013 and I’ll discuss how living with bad credit may be the best way to learn how to learn a whole new lifestyle. Living debt-free is the goal, but couponing is part of the solution.

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