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Where to Find Good Pawnbrokers in the United States

Finding a pawn shop in your local area wherever you live in the United States could be important these days. In a time where mortgage loans are going bad, credit card debt is out of control, and student loan debt has even exceeded credit lending in the statistics, people need alternatives to bankruptcy or high interest loans.

Many people look at their monthly budget and don’t see a way out. They see all these advertisements for payday lending and cash advances and they assume this might be their answers. Others read about the debt consolidation, debt settlement, or consumer credit counseling companies and think this is the safe path away from insolvency.

Americans Pawning Goods for Cash

At the Pawnbroker by Thomas Reynolds Lamont

At the Pawnbroker by Thomas Reynolds Lamont

Another way exists. That way is to make sacrifices for your family. One idea is to severely curtail your spending, whether that means an econo-car for the commute in to work or simply no family vacation this year.

Another possibility is taking a second job at night or on the weekends, though nobody wants to do that. But still another possibility exists: putting all those old purchases in hock.

One of the reasons most of us get into major debt trouble is we bought too much stuff.

If you spent a lot of money on things laying around your house that you’ll never need again, sitting in your garage or attic, consider selling these to a pawn broker or putting them in hock until you can buy them back.

Collateral known as Pawns or Pledges

The term “pawn” comes from the Latin word pingus, which means “pledge”. Through the centuries, pingus eventually morphed into the word pawn in English, but the term contained the meaning “to pledge”. That’s why collateral at pawn shops are known as pledges or pawns.

When you put collateral in hock, you’re paid a certain amount of money as a loan. When you get the loan, you agree to pay the loan back with a specific amount of interest at a later date. Internet rates for pawn brokers are set by law. Since this is secured loan, if you don’t pay back the debt and its interest at the assigned date, the pawn shop owner can take your pledge as compensation.

If you’ve never considered pawning your antiques, jewelry, appliances, or electronics for the cash to stay within your budget, you may not know where to pawn your goods. I’ve included lists of pawn brokers where you can pawn goods for a number of cities. Use this information to start repairing the finances of your family.

Pawn Shops in Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth were hit by the real estate crunch like all other major metropolitan areas in the country. Families living in DFW continue to climb out of their debt holes, so pawning valuables laying around the household are a good way to collect money so the wife and kids don’t have to suffer. Getting a few thousand dollars buffer, or even a few hundred dollars in some cases, is often enough for the peace of mind of everyone involved. These locations are highly rated pawn brokers in Dallas, but they’re a matter of minutes from Richardson, Plano, Irving, or Mesquite.

B J’s Pawn Shop
122 Ferguson Village Center
Dallas, TX 75228

Regent Jewelry & Loan Co
4307 West Jefferson Boulevard
Dallas, Texas 75211

Cash America Pawn
14031 Coit Road
Dallas, Texas 75240

Weldon’s Pawn Shop
6307 South RL Thornton Freeway
Dallas, TX 75232

B & B Pawn Shop
3006 East Illinois Avenue
Dallas, TX 75216

24 Hour Pawn Incorporated
333 West Jefferson Blvd
Dallas, Texas 75208

Pawnbrokers in Houston, Texas

The EZ Pawn company has locations throughout the Houston Area, so if you only trust store chains when it comes to pawned goods, find the location nearest you. Value Pawn is also found in many locations throughout the country, though I’ve found that local pawn shops have taken that name on occasion.

Bob’s Pawn Shop
4628 North McCarty Street
Houston, TX 77013

E Z Pawn
9560 Kempwood Drive
Houston, TX 77080

EZ Pawn
5502 Bellaire Boulevard
Houston, TX 77081

A-Plus Pawn Shops
3860 South Dairy Ashford Street
Houston, TX 77082

Valu Pawn
8007 Park Place Boulevard
Houston, TX 77087

Amex Pawn
13129 Veterans Memorial Drive
Houston, TX 77014

Pawn Shops in Columbus, Ohio

It wasn’t that long ago that Columbus was considered one of the best places in America to open a business or raise a family. In fact, as late as 2009, one major monthly news magazine listed Columbus as the best place in the USA to start a family. That’s probably still the case these days, but Columbus was hit hard by the credit crunch and the collapse of the real estate market. If you were one of the people hit, here are some alternatives to taking out a loan with a high APR.

Big Sonny’s Pawn Shop Incorporated
3175 Cleveland Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43224

Auto Pawn USA
1560 Harrisburg Pike
Columbus, Ohio 43223

Fast Cash Pawn Shop Inc
915 South James Road
Columbus, OH 43227

Buckeye Pawn Shop
411 South Central Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43223

Pawn Shops in Beverly Hills, California

People throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County were among the hardest hit by the bad economy, so it should be no surprise that residents of Beverly Hills might need a pawn broker occasionally. Loanex, Valencia Loan, American Lending Group, and Beverly Hills Pawn Shop were the four highest rated local pawn brokers I could find. These lenders can put your jewelry and other luxury goods in hock. Those who skipped down should read how hocking goods works (above).

Loanex Jewelry & Loan
221 South Robertson
Beverly Hills, California 90211

Valencia Loan & Pawn Shop
437 North Bedford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Beverly Hills Pawn Shop
222 N Canon Drive #200
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

American Lending Group Inc
332 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Pawn Shops in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a place of dreams, but dreams-come-true and broken dreams. If you happen to fall into that latter category, these are some places in Nevada’s most famous city where you might be able to recoup some cash. Just remember that if Lady Luck wasn’t kind to you, use this money to get out of town quick, not try to start a new streak.

Ez-Cash Super Pawn
5910 West Lake Mead Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89108

Pioneer Loan & Jewelry Company
111 North 1st Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

National Jewelry Liquidation
3021 Business Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Sahara Pawn
2400 S Jones Boulevard #15
Las Vegas, NV 89146

Pawn Shops in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

Minneapolis and Saint Paul are two cities I continually see on lists with a high rate of credit card debt. If you’re a borrower who needs cash quick without a credit check and you don’t want to go to a payday service, dealing collateral to a pawn broker might be a better deal for you,

Metro Pawn & Gun
7529 Lyndale Av S
Richfield, MN 55423-4011

Pawn America
Multiple Twin Cities Locations

12475 Riverdale Boulevard Northwest
Coon Rapids, MN 55433-1731

Gold Guys The
60 E Broadway
Bloomington, Minnesota 55425-5510

Max It Pawn
815 Cedar Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55404-2219

Max It Pawn
5445 Lakeland Avenue North
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55429-3116

Immediate Confidential Cash
301 West Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55408-3026

Pawn Shops in Boston, Massachusetts

Boston has its own share of hard-luck cases. If you happen to be one of those cases, consider a trip down to Washington Street, which has pawn shop after pawn shop. Don’t take out cash advances and payday loans. Instead, put up collateral for a secured loan or sell off you antiques for some liquid cash.

Hudson Jewelers
71 Stuart Street
Boston, MA 02116

Aaa Boston Pawn
18 High Street
Boston, MA 02110
617 633 3399

Gem Resources
333 Washington Street #508
Boston, Massachusetts 02108

Empire Loan Company
1130 Washington St
Boston, MA 02118

How to Find Pawn Shops in the US

This isn’t a full list of cities, but it should get people started pawning their heirlooms and gadgets for the money to keep going. Those who don’t like in the cities above can find pawn shops in their local areas. The Yellow Pages has an official website and all you have to do is add your city with the words “pawn shop” in the search box. Then you’ll have your choice of pawn brokers.

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