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Flex TV: No Credit Card Dish Network Plan

Since this is the NoCreditNeeded Blog, occasionally I try to locate good deals for people who simply don’t want to pay using a credit card. This doesn’t necessarily mean a person doesn’t have good credit.

What it does mean is they don’t want to be a slave to VISA and Mastercard for every transaction, so they search for alternative ways to pay for things like television and movie service.

Today, I’ve found just such a tv package and I wanted to discuss what’s on offer: Flex TV by Dish Network.

FlexTV Dish Latino - No Contract

FlexTV for Dish Latino Offers Satellite with No Contract.

No Contract for Flex TV

Flex TV is the Dish Network service which lets people have DISH Network without the long term agreement.

The slogan on for the FlexTV plan is “Bad Credit, No Credit, or Just Don’t Want a Commitment“.

What you’ll have to pay is a minimum of $34.99 per month. What you’ll get in return is the ability to get DISH TV deals regardless of credit and with no social security number required. I talked the other day about how to avoid identity thieves and one of top tips was to avoid giving out your SS number. This plan offers that bargain, but I digress.

Other benefits of FlexTV are no long term contract and the ability to own the equipment when you’re finished. You’ll get 60+ channels including all the locals and professional installation in up to 2 rooms of your house. Since no credit card is necessary, no credit check by DISH network is given. Too many credit checks actually lower your credit score, so this is a good thing to avoid.

Just Sixty Channels on FlexTV?

If around 60 channels doesn’t do the trick for you, you can increase the service by increasing your monthly payment. The 60+ offer is for DISH America basic service. You can also get America’s Top 120 for only ten dollars more per month: $44.99. America’s Top 120Plus gives you additional premium channels for $49.99 per month. If you buy Americas Top 200, you’ll get 200+ channels for $59.99/mo. Finally, if you get America’s Top 250, you’ll get 260-plus channels at $69.99 per month.

What Is Required for Flex TV?

Those looking for some kind of hidden requirement or “catch” should focus on the minimum requirements for this package. The FlexTV Minimum Qualifying Programming is that you own your own receiver. Then you can select the package of your choice. The price of this package is $199, so understand this is the price of buying without credit.

Multiple Languages Are Offered

These packages are offered for more than just English-language broadcasts. You can buy DISHMexico with 55+ Mexican channels for $19.99 per month. Chinese or Greek language broadcasting costs $32.99. The Polish, Urdu, or Pakistan language package is $39.99 per month.

If you want to invest just a bit more, you can acquire the $44.99 per month Arabic or Portuguese language package. Finally, those who need Hindi-language broadcasts pay the most per month at $54.99 every month.

The basic international packages for certain languages include Sun TV +KTV (Tamil), Bangla Mega from South Asia, TV Japan, Luso Pack (Portugal/Brazil), Panorama Italiano, French Bouques with Euronews, Israeli Platinum, Polish Premium Pack, Globo a la Carte, Arabic Elite Pack, and the TV Globo & Record Package. Each of these programs come with dozens of premium channels in the native language. For example, the Luso Pack Portuguese broadcasts channels like Sic Noticias, RTPi, Beneficia TV, SPT, Euronews, and Sport TV Americas. Of course, the basic English language plan has Spanish language television channels as a basic unit.

Where Is Dish Latino Available?

This plan is available only in the United States and a couple of its overseas territories. You can get the FlexTV package anywhere in the United States of America, The US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Does Flex TV Require a Contract?

No, but you must pre-pay to assure service. You pay prior to a month of service, but the payment is month-to-month. You won’t get stuck in a contract you can’t cancel. At the same time, pre-payment means DISH Network won’t get stuck providing service to a customer who isn’t there or doesn’t intend on paying.

As far as I know the DISH Network VIP 922 Sling Loaded High Definition DVR and the DISH Network VIP 722 mpeg4 Dual Output HDTV work fine for these uses, so if you already have your own equipment, you should be able to switch over. I’ve read that connecting DISH Network to Windows XP MCE has given some troubles, so check if this might be an issue.

What Special Offers Does the Plan Have?

A few special offers do apply. Those new to the Flex TV plan get three free months of STARZ, Showtime, Cinemax, and HBO. You also get three free months of Blockbuster @Home. These offers are a $99 value, but after three months, standard rates appy.

Those who want to commit to a 24-month agreement and to their AutoPay with Paperless Billing also receive “HD Free for Life”. Note this does require a sizable commitment, but that’s a significant perk. The Flex TV 3D HD television technology should work just fine with other Dish Network equipment.

Can You Get FlexTV through Direct TV?

No. Flex TV is not offered by DIRECTV, so don’t change over hoping your equipment will work. You’ll need the Dish Network receiver to make everything work fine. You’ll have to purchase your own equipment, which acts as a kind of down payment that ensures Dish Network you won’t walk out on their service without prior consideration. This works in lieu of a credit card.

Can I use Flex TV with my Apple TV?

Flex TV is not available for the Apple TV users. Once again, FlexTV is offered only by DISH Network. This no-credit-card required offer brings in new customers, so you’ll use DISH Network service instead of Apple TV or Directv.

Why Can’t I Find FlexTV on TV Guide Channel?

FlexTV doesn’t have it’s own broadcasting unit or its own programs. The name refers to a no credit needed television package from DISH Network, and nothing else.

How Do You Ask about Flex TV?

Call the number 1-800-705-8297 to ask about FlexTV. This is a toll-free number, so don’t worry about the time you stay online talking to DISH Network sales representatives and tech support. Ask any questions which come to mind and be sure you know what you’re getting before committing. This number should work for outages involving FlexTV.

DISH Network with No Credit Card

This might sound like an advertisement for FlexTV, but I tried to include all the main questions that I saw people asking about DISH Network’s no credit card required service. In this little Q&A, I tried to present all the information you would need to make your decision, including the $200 you’d need to get started and the monthly pre-payment requirements, but I’m guessing this is about as good as it gets if you want no credit check and no card required. See the FlexTV faq if you have any other questions.

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